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About Us

ADAWA (Asociacion civil no lucrativa para el desarrollo Aj Waklesinel) is a Guatemalan registered nonprofit that strives to improve the living standards in Santa Lucia Lachua Alta Verapaz and our 34 surrounding communities. Our goals include improving local infrastructure, promoting tourism in the region, diversifying the local economy, improving access to health care and education, and- most importantly- empowering and encouraging our community's growth and development from within.

The Association was founded collaboratively and is comprised of members of Maya Q’eqchi’ heritage from the region. The leaders of this organization are community members that have witnessed the shortcomings of local legislature in addressing the issues that impact them. Our members believe that by promoting education, empowerment, and collaboration throughout the region, their communities will be better equipped to take responsibility for their own well-being and development.

Our goal is to turn the region of Santa Lucia and the surrounding area into an example of what transparent, collaborative, and sustainable development looks like. We are not an organization trying to help the community; we are the community organizing.