Transformational Voice Institute

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About Us

As a center for holistic study of the voice, Transformational Voice Institute has two goals: to teach vocal techniques that enable anyone to sing and speak freely, beautifully and authentically; and to permanently influence existing paradigms of voice training and musical culture.

The Institute achieves its mission by offering students an opportunity to learn and grow as singers, speakers, musicians, and artists in a safe, supportive, and holistic environment with our stellar faculty of TVI Master Teachers. Additionally, the Institute trains and certifies Apprentice Voice Teachers and Apprentice Collaborative Pianists to incubate a new generation of holistic teachers and coaches. Certified graduates of these Apprenticeship programs will continue to impact the national culture of voice training throughout their careers by teaching and promoting TVI’s Principles, Techniques, and Methodologies.

While honoring vocal and musical rigor – the legacy of the greatest musicians who came before us – our holistic model moves us beyond technique to invite the transformational power of music to give purpose to our lives, to uplift our spirits and relieve suffering, and to invoke artistic curiosity.