Global Unification International The Gambia

About Us

Global Unification International, The Gambia is a registered research development association, and is a chapter of Global Unification International. The Association has, as it's sole objective, the advancement of humanity for the continued evolution of co-operation.

Our mission is to work in partnership with Government Institutions, NGO's, Civil Society Organisation, Local Communities and individuals to assist developing communities.

Global Unification International, The Gambia was established to contribute to Global Unification International, in its formulation and implementation, as well as advocating programs relevant to youth development, women´s empowerment, child protection, alleviating extreme poverty, fighting illiteracy and above all participating in maintaining peace, justice and sustainable development. Its also the madate of this association to train its volunteers in IT skill in order to improve their capacities to better take in research program. This, we believe is indispensable for human survival and constitutes a sacred duty which all nations must strive to achieve for their people.

To effectively realize these noble objectives, we have five domains of intervention, namely youth, women´s and children's affairs, advocacy, lobbying and campaigning as well as the creation of GU IT Centers in developing communities.