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About Us

Alternative SIC's mission is to provide empowering tools to the poor especially women and young people at risk of crime, hunger, diseases and illiteracy. Currently we have three programs:

Skills-to-Unskilled Young People Skills-to-unskilled young people (STUYP) program targets unskilled and unemployed youths. It aims at providing technical, business development and life skills, and jumpstart capital to young people to put acquired skills into self-sustaining micro-enterprises. “Skills-to-unskilled young people” program is part of efforts to fight global poverty and youth unemployment.

Empowerment Credit to the Poor Empowerment Credits to the poor (EC) program targets poor people especially poor women who do not have affordable access to credits. It aims at providing jumpstart and expansion capital in combination with life skills to the poor to start self-sustaining micro-enterprises. Our hope is that it will provide the immediate needs of poor households and secure future earnings. Empowerment Credits to the poor program is an effort to contribute in achieving the millennium goal in the area of poverty alleviation.

I-Fine-fo-Sabi “I-fine-fo-Sabi” meaning “It’s good to Know” is a multi-facet information deficit educational program. It targets vulnerable women and young people in communities around the world. It aims at providing education in identified areas of information deficits while integrating tertiary prevention education on some public and social issues (e.g. “women’s right”, HIV/AIDS, business development services, waste management, hygiene etc) affecting our clientele in communities around the globe. “I-fine-fo-Sabi” program is part of efforts to provide basic Human Rights.