Share-A-Pet Org., Inc.

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About Us

Share-A-Pet is a national nonprofit organization that recruits, trains and certifies people and their pets to become pet assisted therapy teams. Pet-assisted therapy is a profoundly healing experience and we exist to raise awareness to this by providing training, support and direct service to people in need. We believe that everyone benefits when you decide to make a difference; share your time, share your love, Share-A-Pet.

Share-A-Pet was created for the purpose of filling a void in the lives of the elderly and otherwise restricted but it has become much more. Because our volunteers and their amazing pets have such a positive life-changing impact on our patients, we have greatly expanded our vision.

It is now our mission to not only recruit, train and register the best pet-assisted therapy teams all over the globe, but to use our knowledge and expertise in the field of pet-assisted therapy to actually change the way in which our patients live and function on a daily basis. We have already seen so much progress in so little time.