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About Us

My name is Molly McCormick, Program Coordinator here at Urban Promise Ministry in Miami!

Urban Promise is a nonprofit ministry, headquartered in Camden NJ, which started with a summer camp 3 summers ago, here in Little Havana. This school year, our hope is that about a hundred children ages six to fourteen can attend one AfterSchool Program. The Programs are safe, inviting, and stimulating environments that provide opportunities for children to improve their academic performance, develop necessary life skills, create positive relationships with caring adults, explore the creative arts, and nurture young faith.

Youth crime statistics reveal that the peak hours for violent juvenile crime and victimization are between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Our passion for children’s ministry is fueled by the desire to ensure that our children are not a part of this alarming statistic and our belief that all children can make authentic contributions to their families, peers, and community.

AfterSchool Programs are free to the children we serve.

We are currently looking for Interns, which are college-age students interested in working with children and youth in an inner-city setting. UrbanPromise's intern program provides urban youth ministry training that combines theological education with hands-on ministry experience. By inviting people into the inner-city communities (interns come from across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Africa, and Korea), UrbanPromise seeks to bridge the chasm between ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Interns make a commitment of a school year, (10 months,late aug-early june) and play a key role in our ministry. I pray you can spread this around to prospective young adults in your community that you might know who would be a great addition to Urban Promise Ministry. Our internships are for the summer or academic year.

The interns are provided with housing, transportation, $100/month/person stipend, and grocery shopping money (weekly). We desire to have the interns have live in community, and we also ask interns to raise support money(making an attempt to bring in $4000/year).

Looking for a way to serve in the innercity for the upcomming school year, contact me at

703-489-1344 , or MollyMccormick@urbanpromisemiami.org