Harmony For Peace Foundation

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About Us

We are headquartered in Pennsylvania with an international operation promoting a world peace through universal language of music and other forms of arts. We promote "Unity Through Music", "Nonviolence", and "Conflict free world". We conduct art and music competitions worldwide as an initiative as well as hold music presentations, i.e. concerts and music festivals. We regularly hold a large scale concert at a premier music house such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Kimmel Center inviting both professional artists as well as youth musicians to perform together calling for a unity through art. Annually, we hold our Peace Concert marking the International Day of Peace on September 21 or a date close to at a prestigious concert hall inviting many young performers to "Play for Peace Together".

Harmony For Peace Foundation is a Not-for-profit with 501(C) 3 established in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our Mission Statements:

Harmony For Peace Foundation seeks to promote cross-cultural understanding through the arts, in particular music and visual art, serving as a bridge among nations to promote mutual respect, and a common path to a world peace.

"At Harmony For Peace, we believe in the power of Arts – the language of music and expression of imagery.  Art touches and unites peoples across cultures and create voice for world peace.  We aim for nonviolence, conflict free and nuclear-weapons free world among peoples, and to ensure peace for our children and their children in their homes, communities and world.  One Voice – One World"

For more information, please go to: www.harmonyforpeace.org