YMCA Training, Inc.

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About Us

Volunteer with YMCA Training, Inc.!

Our mission is to help people who are laid off, low income, out of work underemployed, to gain new professional skills and employment to move out of poverty and into thriving self-sufficiency.


As part of our job skills curriculum, our trainees have the opportunity to enhance their customer service skills by answering calls from volunteers like you who call into our simulated call center. 


We provide volunteers with calling instructions and short easy-to-follow scripts that are a lot of fun. For added convenience, volunteers can make calls anytime between 9 am - 12 noon most Tuesday and Friday mornings from their home, place of employment, or other preferred location.


It's easy to sign up, simply click the link: http://vols.pt/3hdt9G


Contact us at tivolunteer@ymcaboston.org


There is a deep satisfaction that comes from helping individuals learn the skills they need to gain career-building employment that will benefit themselves, their families, and our communities. You can be an important part of making that happen. Thank you.


Please Sign Up Today. We Appreciate Your Support! You'll love it!