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ICDR International

The ICDR International (International Commission for Dalit Rights) is an independent and impartial international advocacy and development organization dedicated to promoting the rights and justice of world most marginalized groups by providing technical assistance for, networking and collaborating with local Dalit and pro-Dalit civil society, NGOs, international community and government agencies in caste-affected countries. The ICDR mission is to promote inclusive democracy, diverse society, Dalit rights and social justice by collaborating, networking and providing technical supports for Dalit civil society, NGOs, relevant government organizations, development agencies and international community. It also functions as a global apex organization of Dalit Federations and Civil Society and Diaspora Organizations that brings together representatives of Dalit civil society, policy-makers and international community, to shape policies and rights of the world most vulnerable populations known as Dalits across the world.

ICDR is registered as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal’s Government as an INGO in 2011. It’s headquarter is in Washington DC and regional office in Kathmandu with contact field offices in Delhi and Dhaka. Since 2007, the ICDR has informed the national, regional and international public about the struggle to prevent discrimination, exclusion and violence against nearly 300 million Dalits and other caste or descent-affected communities across the world, especially in South Asia. 


In the November 2015 cycle, the U.S. government for a first time through the Nepal Universal Periodic Review (UN Mechanism) made a specific recommendation on engaging and addressing the needs of Dalits in disaster relief, and it has set an excellent precedent for the region. The ICDR received an acknowledgement email from Carmela A. Conroy, Director of the Office for South & Central Asia, DRL highlighting ICDR’s efforts to elevate the visibility of Dalit Rights, and caste discrimination in South Asia. 

In 2015, ICDR called for global actions to support for Dalit Rights and defend caste-based discrimination against nearly 300 million Dalit populations across the world, especially in South Asia. Similarly, In March 19th 21st, the world came together and adopted the Dalit Rights Global Declaration 2015 (‘DRGD’), a global framework to: promote Dalit rights as human rights, to support international and national efforts to combat caste-based discrimination or modern-day slavery; and to build global network of Dalit Civil Society and Diaspora Organizations. This newly launched framework is the result of years of struggles of ICDR and hard-work by the best and brightest from many of our partners, Dalit and Diaspora Organizations, in consultation with and support of national and international human rights institutes, development agencies, academia, media and governments.

More importantly, on September 29, DRL hosted a policy seminar on ‘US Foreign Policy Addressing Dalit Issues in South Asia’, and on July 25 another conference on ‘Post-Disaster Experiences of Dalit Communities in South Asia’ in collaboration with the ICDR for a first time in the US Foreign policy history. As a result of these policy debates, U.S. government recognized Dalit Issues, and draw concerns of global community through UN mechanism based on the ICDR’s policy recommendations.

The ICDR is committing establish Dalit Rights as human rights and taking new initiatives through networking, collaborating and mobilizing all types of resources, including governments, international agencies, civil society and Dalit Organizations to prevent and response the violation, discrimination and inequalities based on caste or descent against Dalit populations. The ICDR is seeking additional resources from the individuals, foundations, and U.S. Government to advance the visibility of Dalit Issues through the following components: 

1. Caste Freedom Index

2. Dalit Civil Society Network

3. Dalit YoungStars Initiatives

4. Dalit Rights Global Conference and Post-Conference Activities 

5. Victim Protection and Humanitarian Assistance 

6. Inclusive governance and Public Litigation 

7. Legislative Initiatives to pass a Binding Resolution against Caste Discrimination by the US Congress

8. Research, Advocady, and Networking