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About Us

Dane County Parent Council (DCPC) is a community-based, private, non-profit umbrella agency for the delivery of a variety of child development and family support programming that is designed to enhance the well-being and future success of participants.
Head Start
Welcome to Head Start

DCPC recognizes the parent as the child's first and foremost important teacher and all staff are committed to the highest quality of care and education for your child.

All programs for children meet the standards of NAEYC, NAFCC, City of Madison or Head Start Performance Standards. The curriculum includes all the components needed to help your child achieve skills, based on the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, to be ready for kindergarten.


  • For children ages three to five years old
  • Classes run 3 1/2 hours, four days per week
  • Lunch and one snack is provided each day
  • Transportation may be provided
  • No fees for income eligible families
  • For children ages three to five years old (children turning three may enroll upon reaching their birthday)
  • Combines Head Start and Child Care
  • Full-day and year-round programming
  • Care is licensed from 6 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Two meals and one snack are served each day
  • Parents transport their children, no transportation is provided
  • Current locations offering Plus programs: Red Arrow (West Madison), South Madison (Park St), East Madison (Dempsey Rd), and Verona
  • Requires a full-time child care subsidy and may also require a weekly parent co-pay
  • DCPC is a Community Provider of district 4K programs for MMSD, DeForest, Monroe, Stoughton, Sun Prairie, and Verona
  • The application is rated with points given according to DCPC selection criteria. Selection criteria are approved annually by our Head Start Parent Council (HSPC)
  • If your child is eligible for enrollment, you will receive a letter and be contacted to complete required enrollment forms and screenings. Then your child’s teacher and/or family outreach worker will visit your home to complete all remaining forms
  • HOME BASE (9 month) PROGRAM
  • For children ages three to five years old
    • A Head Start teacher visits your home each week for 1 1/2 hours with activities for you and your child
    • Your child comes to our center two times a month for four hours of socialization activities (clusters) with other children and parents (a lunch and snack is provided during clusters)
    • Focus is on reinforcing the parent as the first and best teacher for the child
    • Nine month program runs September through May
    • Current locations offering Home-base programs: Red Arrow (West Madison) and South Madison (Park St)
    • No fees for the following income eligible families:
      • Families receiving SSI
      • Families receiving W2 (TANF)
      • Children living in foster care