"TAHLIL" Center for Social Research

About Us

"TAHLIL" Center for Social Research is a sociological organization based in Uzbekistan. The Center is a multifunctional organization working in the area of social sciences, fundamental and applied researches and in the field of the humanities. The Center also works towards the introduction of innovative scientific methods and support of the initiatives from researchers in the area of science, culture, and education, expert and consultative support to NGOs, governmental and international organizations.


The Center has a vast potential of the conducting and organizing of qualitative and quantitative researches. To execute field researches, the organization is able to employ up to some 150 mobile, experienced and highly professional interviewers. The Center uses up-to-date method and techniques of the collection, verification and checking-up of data. The Center has required resources for inputting, “cleaning-up” and processing of both qualitative and quantitative data in any required format (DBase, ASCII, MS Excel, SPSS, MS Access, etc. – for quantitative data, and ETHNOGRAPH, NUD*IST – for qualitative data)