Colorado Peace Ride

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2300 Forest St
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About Us

It’s CPR for Causes That Need New Life

The initials of the Colorado Peace Ride say it all – this is truly CPR that will give life to everyone’s favorite cause! Non-profit workers are already overworked and underpaid, and with today’s challenging economy, these causes are the first ones to be hit and now, more than ever, lack the funds to train staff or develop strategic plans. Too often non-profit workers get burned out despite all the good they’re doing.

Riders on the Peace Ride can allocate their optional fundraising dollars to the causes they care about most: the environment, education, human rights, social justice, health, arts or spirituality – all things that help make our world a more positive and peaceful place. These dollars will go directly to fund free or low cost retreats that offer instruction for strategic planning, project facilitation, team building, and rejuvenation. These services are provided through the Sophia Peace Center in Dolores, CO, a nonprofit retreat center which specializes in offering support to causes.

“We are happy to provide this opportunity for cyclists, not only to ride one of the most beautiful tour routes in the country, but also to help the causes they choose through their registration,” said Rev Isabelle Stone, Tour Director.