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Since 2005, The Range Of Motion Project (ROMP), has been a category leader in improving human mobility and unlocking human potential of people living with amputation. We stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable people with disabilities in the Western Hemisphere, fighting the barriers of poverty and broken or non-existent rehabilitation systems that they face on a daily basis. ROMP realizes this mission by providing high-quality prosthetic care through its operations in Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, and the United States. ROMP has provided over 3,000 custom-made prosthetic limbs since inception and has had over 7,000 patient visits.


ROMP provides care through its flagship clinic in the city of Zacapa, and through a mobile clinic that brings care to remote regions of Guatemala, as well as Chiapas, Mexico, in partnership with Partners In Health. The Zacapa clinic is a Guatemalan-staffed rehabilitation clinic that has had over 6,000 patient visits since its foundation in 2005. The clinic is stocked with the components and materials needed to provide the highest-quality care to patients, and the clinic also features a 3D printing lab where specialized prosthetic sockets and components can be manufactured on-demand, on-site. Each year, ROMP operates four clinical trips to Guatemala in which international students, faculty, prosthetists, orthotists, and physical and occupational therapy work alongside the local ROMP staff to provide patient care and exchange experiences.


ROMP innovates and facilitates human mobility through its Development Lab (ROMP devLab), patient care, and advocacy programs. The ROMP devLab has enabled a number of academic, nonprofit, and private innovators to develop and pilot new technologies that will improve the quality of care for ROMP patients. Patient care in Ecuador is conducted in partnership with local organizations like Fundación Hermano Miguel, and advocacy is achieved through mountain climbs and hikes led by people with amputation. ROMP also operates clinical trips to Ecuador each year, in which international students, faculty, and practitioners of prosthetics, orthotics, and physical and occupational therapy work alongside the local ROMP staff to provide patient care and exchange experiences.

United States

ROMP facilitates patient care for undocumented and uninsured patients, through its US Assistance Program. In this program, private practitioners who are part of the ROMP network apply for assistance for their patients, and ROMP sends them the components they need to provide care. The practitioners then volunteer their time, facilities, and consumable materials to provide care. ROMP operates the Components for a Cause program through which new and gently-used prosthetic components are collected through a dropbox system at participating clinics, and then shipped to ROMP clinical operations in Guatemala and Ecuador where they are fit to new patients. ROMP organizes the annual Moving for ROMP and Climbing for ROMP campaigns, which mobilize ROMP volunteers in their communities to celebrate mobility and raise funds for ROMP programs. ROMP is also featured on the newly-launched Atlas Run application which allows anyone to convert every mile run into a monetary donation to ROMP programs.