Asociación Ija’tz

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Granja Juan Ana
San Lucas Tolimán


About Us

The Foundacion Ija´tz was founded in 1995 by a community of indigenous families. The wod ¨Ija’tz¨, derives from Cakchiquel (a mayan dialect) and means seed, a symbol of life and regeneration. The foundation is committed to promoting organic agriculture through community development and engagement. In a region dominated by coffee production, Ija´tz works directly with coffee farmers to promote crop difersification and sustainable coffee production.

The organization operates an ecological center in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. San Lucas is situated on the beautiful Lake Atitlan and in a valley below Mount Toliman. At Ija´tz our areas of work include seed saving and biodiversity, composting using verminculture, and on site we grow fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants and coffee. At the center we host bio monthly workshops on topics such as permaculture, garden development and vermiculture. We also support a women´s cooperative and host other community event. We believe it is best ¨apriendo por haciendo¨; to learn by doing.