Curry Without Worry

  • CA

About Us

Curry Without Worry was founded in December of 2006, with the sole purpose of serving soul pleasing food to the hungry people of San Francisco in need of a freshly cooked hot meal. While we desire to feed those people most in need of a meal, it is also our philosophy that hunger is not defined by an empty stomach. For this reason, Curry Without Worry is open to whomever hungers to join us. The mix of those who accept a meal brings a sense of equality, and peace to the experience, and allows those who truly are having a hard time in life to realize that there are people who care about bringing all people together.

Namaste, originally from Sanskrit, loosely means to pay homage to the inner light in all living things. This represents the purpose of Curry Without Worry: feeding hungry people; doing so in a dignified manner; and encouraging peaceful coexistence.

We serve a weekly meal in downtown San Francisco, and Khatmandu, Nepal.