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Long Beach
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About Us

Communicating, Organizing, Activating and Educating

Lokahi provides the creation, activation and management of innovative field campaigns.

Lokahi is an activation point, a resource for organizations and non-profits that need a means to create, implement & mange field, on the ground, or ‘street’ programs that can build them support, engage their volunteers, and help to spread their message and mission in a smart, innovative way.

We are also a resource for the volunteers we work with, providing a link between passion and concern for an issue, and hands on involvement with a movement.

From our concert outreach work to our organizing on college campuses and community engagement programs, we work day in and day out to plug people into roles that help shape our world for the better.

We dream up the campaigns. Then we come up with cutting edge and effective ways to execute and manage them. We produce results.