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About Us

CRY NY we believe, “Change is possible, because I will make it possible”. CRY New York is a volunteer driven chapter of CRY America. CRY America supports organizations and initiatives in US and India that (a) seek to mobilize communities at the grassroots level, so that they are able to solve their problems themselves (b) work with State institutions to effect policy reform and implementation (c) seek to support and enhance the capacity and quality of grass roots initiatives.Reports released reveal that:

  • 46% of children in India1 are underweight, 38% stunted and 19% wasted.
  • 53% children in India2 reported having faced one or more forms of sexual abuse.
  • 17 million child laborers3 in India
  • 180 out of 581 districts in India have seen primary school enrolments fall4
  • 88,000 schools (nearly 8%) in India5 still do not have a blackboard in their classes

Since its existence, CRY America has irreversily changed the lives of over 280,000 children living across 1,762 rural, triabl and urban communities of India through 47 projects. Also funded for key projects in US like Voices for Americas Children, Children Welfare League of America and Children Rights Inc.

1 – National Family Health Survey, 2007 ; 2- Ministry of Women and Child Development, 2007; 3- Government of India Census, 2001; 4- DISE, compiled by NUEPA ; 5- 2007 Survey by HRD Ministry, UNICEF and NEUPA