People First of New Hampshire, Inc.

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4 Park Street
Suite 201
United States

About Us

We believe that people with disabilities should be treated as equals. We should be given the right to make the same decisions, and to have the same choices and responsibilities as anyone else. We should be allowed to make new friends and renew old friendships and be as independent as we are able. We should be able to live where we want to live and work where we want to work. We should also be included in society and not be singled out as being different. We will work to accomplish these ends in New Hampshire.


People First of New Hampshire, Inc. is a group of people working together to help each other take charge of our lives. This is being done by learning how to make decisions and choices in life in order to be more independent. It also means learning our rights and responsibilities. We support each other and gain confidence to speak out about what we believe in.