Primary Care Progress

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About Us

Primary Care Progress (PCP) was founded in 2010 to help revitalize primary care in the US so that patients can receive the care they want, need, and deserve. Doing this will require advancing innovations in primary care delivery, reinvigorating the primary care workforce pipeline, and advocating for financial and regulatory changes to support this critical field. To enable all of this, PCP has committed itself to developing a new generation of leaders, advocates, and innovators in primary care.

Primary Care Progress (PCP) is a national 501(c)3 that brings together an interprofessional community of change makers to transform primary care. We believe that leading this effort will demand technical abilities as well as relational skills. PCP’s leadership development programs aimed at different groups in primary care offer training and coaching in a variety of unique relational leadership practices necessary to build teams, communicate with different stakeholders and advocate for change. 

Our work with up-and-coming leaders, particularly students and trainees, provides them with the change-making tools they need to both improve primary care delivery and revitalize the primary care community. We have increasingly also seen demand for our relational leadership learnings from primary care faculty and professionals. PCP believes that by providing these current and future leaders with inspiration, skills, coaching and community, they can play a seminal role in the reinvention of primary care.

Since its inception, PCP has realized the importance of building a community of change makers in the primary care space. Through webinars, our blog, social media, events and partnerships, we connect fellow primary care advocates and share inspiring stories of progress in the primary care revitalization movement.