Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation

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About Us

Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation(SAWF) was established in 2008 and registered in 2010 in Nairobi,Kenya as a non governmental organization which is a non profit,working towards;empowering the poor through education projects;eradicating all forms of discrimination and equity in education for the less fortunate in the community who need to shape their future life through through learning in a classroom.

SAWF programs therefore are for the poor in the urban slums who have been underserved and need help.When you help a poor child it is obvious that the mother needs help so that the background they live in can be transformed.Women from such backgrounds have been sentitized through capacity building and business related areas.The organizatiion has assisted more than 500 children from the time it was established.


To promote and develop quality education among the poor and empower them into education programs.