Diaspora Action Australia

  • Victoria


20 Otter Street

About Us

Diaspora Action Australia (formerly Humanitarian Crisis Hub) works in Australia with people from countries affected by war and conflict who promote the human rights of people in their countries of

origin. We support diaspora community initiatives; provide resources, information and training;

facilitate dialogue and shared learning; build networks; and seek to amplify community voices at

local, national and international levels. The groups and organisations we work to support

contribute to peacebuilding, raise awareness of human-rights issues, contribute their skills,

passion and money to set up vital services such as schools and health centres, and they urge the

international community to sit up and take notice of what is happening in war-torn countries.

Diaspora Action Australia (DAA) is the only organisation in Australia specifically dedicated to

supporting these initiatives.

Diaspora Action Australia was founded in 2008 and is independent of political or religious

affiliation. In 2011 we were awarded the ACFID Sir Ron Wilson Human Rights Award for

outstanding contribution to human rights in the international development sector, and in 2012

received an Award of Excellence from the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

We are committed to community development principles and a rights-based approach. We are

committed to protecting the rights of all children to live safely, free from exploitation and/or abuse.