SAGE Crossing Foundation

  • MA

About Us

SAGE Crossing Foundation exists to establish (and help others establish) farm-based day and residential programs for adults with autism. Based on the history and success of Bittersweet Farms in Whitehouse, Ohio, as well as on our own experiences in Massachusetts (and those of a handful of other organizations), we believe that a rural, farm environment is ideal for many people with autism. Why? Because it provides a safe place where useful, interesting, and rewarding activities can be pursued, and where integration with the surrounding community can be promoted but also managed.

Since 2010, SAGE has been conducting seasonal, temporary farm programs in Massachusetts. The first full-time day program for autistic adults opens in 2013 in Brookfield, Massachusetts -- and will later be expanded into a residential program. We are also looking for opportunities to start up other programs at other sites, particularly those closer to Boston. In the long run, we are interested in creating, or helping others create, programs in other states as well.

We can use help from volunteers with all kinds of interests and skills. Our farm programs involve more than agriculture: they include animal care, carpentry, arts and crafts, music, exercise, yoga, food preparation, and other activities. If you have such skills and would like to share your time and knowledge with adults with autism, please contact us.

Just as important are people with good hearts and a patient, understanding personality, who can escort the participants in our programs. Our "SAGE farmers" generally need guidance, encouragement, and also attentive watching so that they remain safe while getting and staying involved.

As a not-for-profit organization, we also need help with a myriad of other needs. If you like to do office work, conduct research, mastermind events (or do other kinds of fundraising), repair old buildings, maintain financial records, handle publicity, organize volunteers, write letters, or network with other people or groups, we can put you to work.

Thanks for thinking of us, and for helping those who, for the most part, need much more help than is already available to them.