Mariri Magazine


United States

About Us


Mariri Magazine is a journal about the rainforest for people who love the rainforest. Mariri covers rainforest conservation, ecology, ecotourism and indigenous culture.


  • To give a voice to the indigenous people who are the stewards of the last remaining pristine rainforests.
  • To showcase the work of scientists and researchers who are documenting the unique and dwindling biological diversity of the rainforests.
  • To explore the healing traditions of rainforest shamans, and communicate the importance of preserving their vast ethnobotanical knowledge.
  • To serve as a platform for activists and conservationists to expose threats and highlight innovative solutions to rainforest protection and sustainable development.
  • To be a window to the rich, cultural landscape of rainforest societies, with a focus on the ordinary heroes that live there.
  • To encourage, inspire, and celebrate love for the Earth’s rainforests, and activate social engagement in rainforest conservation.