Border Green Energy Team/SunSawang

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Mae Sot

About Us

BGET is a registered Thai foundation based in Mae Sot, Thailand that has been working to provide renewable energy solutions and technical education since 2005. The team provides services primarily to refugee camps along the Thailand-Burma border,ethnic minority villages, migrant clinics and schools, as well as medical missions groups inside of Burma. Previous installationsperformed by BGET include solar home system trainings, micro- hydro, biogas, hydraulic ram pumps, hybrid solar systems, andsolar cooking demonstrations. BGET's work is made possible by funders all over the world and their hands-on work is supported by several organizations in Thailand and abroad. BGET is rapidly expanding programs to meet the demands andopportunities of delivering and maintaining sustainable technologies throughout the border region.

BGET is currently focusing on solar technology with the transition to a new social venture, SunSawang, which will help reduce poverty in rural communities along the Thai-Burmese border. SunSawang will deliver different energy options ranging from small-scale solar products such as lanterns and phone chargers, to solar home systems with skilled service technicians. 
We will have three levels of impact: 1) provide electricity to communities, which will increase productivity and social welfare. 2) promote environmentally beneficial energy sources, and 3) create opportunity by training and employing local technicians. This hybrid nonprofit/for profit model will allow the continued expertise of BGET to promote success in the new venture of SunSawang.