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About Us

Winterline Foundation is a small, non-profit, tax-exempt private foundation supporting programs, institutions and organizations that encourage the development of individuals equipped to be citizens of the world. Understanding the indelible effect of experience at an early age, Winterline emphasizes assistance to educational programs and projects, and to primary and secondary schools. The Foundation generally targets organizations identified by its own research and is not currently accepting unsolicited proposals.

WINTERLINE FOUNDATION'S definition of a world citizen is broad and encompassing:

A WORLD CITIZEN is an individual who is transnational in outlook, rooted in the values of tolerance and understanding, concerned about issues of justice, and equipped by experience and education to function in a global environment and to make a positive contribution to human society.

A WORLD CITIZEN values and affirms the cultures of others, and is an individual who has learned to appreciate and understand his or her own nation and its social and economic conditions in relation to the cultures, religions and economic, social and political conditions of other countries.

A WORLD CITIZEN is one who carries a sense of responsibility for others.

A WORLD CITIZEN is one who has developed a love for what is good and true and beautiful, who upholds a value system that is universal in its relevance, who is rooted in self-confidence, equipped with tangible skills, and understands how to communicate, encourage, and live harmoniously with those of different viewpoints and perspectives.