Children's Movement for Creative Education

  • NY

About Us

Founded in 1998, the Children’s Movement for Creative Education (CMCE) is a New York City based not-for-profit organization that guides youth to understand and process the effects of profound world events – those that challenge through violence and injustice as well as those that inspire through commonality and the pursuit of truth – via academic, experiential, and art-based curricula. Facilitating introspection among youth, as well as consideration of how they affect the world in which they live, enables them to be agents for change as they learn to step into the role of global citizen.

Our principal program is The Telling History Project; Understanding the Past to Create the Future (THP). The THP curriculum stems from the coreintent of our work – to enable youth to become global citizens and build a positive future by teaching them about universal human rights through the lens of recent and current events. Global issues can now be affected, and even resolved, at the local level, even when the place where solutions are implemented is thousands of miles away.