McCarter Theatre Center

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91 University Place
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About Us

McCarter Theatre Center is a nationally recognized professional, non-profit regional theater and performing arts center. McCarter aims to present a diverse season of classic and contemporary plays that reflect and invite comparison among various aspects of American culture and the universal human experience. McCarter's vision is to create a theater of testimony; a theater engaged in a dialogue with the world around it. An extension of that vision is McCarter's commitment to multicultural diversity in the audience and on stage. McCarter aims to be a theater accessible to all people and to serve its audience by reflecting aspects of their own experience as well as by initiating their participation in new, yet engaging realms.

To achieve these goals McCarter presents an annual Theater Series which features the work of this country's leading writers, actors, directors, designers, choreographers and composers. McCarter also seeks to promote the cultivation and creation of new work and is committed to providing commissions, dramaturgical support, public readings, workshop resources and ample rehearsal time to support the development of new work through the McCarter Lab. Further, McCarter is dedicated to serving the community through broad-based educational programming, which instills in schoolchildren and adults a deep appreciation for the theater arts, cultivates and trains young talent, and supports the needs of the elderly and disabled. McCarter augments these theater-related programs with equally diverse and acclaimed programs of music, dance and special events featuring artists of national and international repute from a wide variety of disciplines.