Vale Esperar

  • MA


62 Northampton St.
Suite 201
United States

About Us

Vale Esperar is a community-based program looking to support youth in making healthy, responsible decisions. One of the main objectives is to encourage, support and guide teens to become men and women of character.

The core of our mission is to equip teens with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to avoid risky sexual activity in order to decrease teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases rates by encouraging to focus on developing solid character traits and focus on their future goals. Along with a message focusing on avoiding risky sexual activity, Vale Esperar looks to inspire young people to strive beyond their daily pressures and develop to their full potential.

The program's foundational believe is that young people have the capacity to be successful and achieve great things. We believe teenagers have a wealth of talent, knowledge and passion to be creative, productive members in the society they live in. We also know, however, that today's youth faces tough challenges, especially those from urban, underprivileged backgrounds.

Vale Esperar seeks to create a culture of effective dialogue and support for our young people. By partnering with community organizations, churches and leaders, the program seeks to create networks of support and resources to foster conversations that safeguard and support a healthy development for our young people.