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About Us

The Frick Collection is housed in the former residence of Henry Clay Frick (1849 1919), the Pittsburgh coke and steel industrialist. During Mr. Frick's lifetime, the house contained the works of art he had collected over a period of forty years. These, and the residence, he bequeathed to a Board of Trustees, empowering them to make the Collection a center for the study of art and kindred subjects. The collection itself encompasses old master paintings, sculptures, porcelains, enamels, rugs, silver, furniture, gilt bronzes, drawings and prints. The Frick Art Reference Library, one of the world's leading centers for research in the history of art, was founded in 1920 by Miss Helen Clay Frick (1888 1984) as a memorial to her father, Henry Clay Frick, and to further his goals of "encouraging and developing the study of the fine arts and of advancing the general knowledge of kindred subjects." Inspired by the archives of Sir Robert Witt in London, the Library is among the largest repositories of photographic reproductions of art.