Kokrobitey Institute

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About Us

The Kokrobitey Institute works to strengthen the intersection between education, sustainability, and development through innovative programs and projects. It started 22 years ago with the goal of expanding international education programs and has since expanded its commitment to include education and development work within local communities in Ghana. The institute provides a unique meeting point where multidisciplinary creative experimentation and collaboration can occur for a broad community of learners from secondary, tertiary and professional institutions. We encourage alliances with professors and educational institutions willing to extend their study abroad curriculum to Ghana.

The Kokrobitey Institute continues to act as a forum for discussion on strategies to improve education, sustain the environment and to advance development through social entrepreneurship. The village of Kokrobitey has been transformed by the emergence of the market economy over the last 20 years. The once verdant landscape clashes with the increased demand for waste management. Young people no longer aspire to the occupations of their parents, but rather they find themselves in between the life of the traditional culture and the rapidly expanding market economy. For Kokrobitey, waste management is not only a science but an art that can be a driving force for creating green industries in the progressive development of an emerging economy like Ghana.

Our mission, at the Kokrobitey Institute, is to support development in Ghana by facilitating projects and programs that demonstrate the intersections between, art, culture, design, sustainability, literacy and development through education.  We work with institutions, individuals and service agencies to explore creative solutions. Our ongoing education and development projects are supported by the creative work of the design center where local people work with a diverse, inter-cultural team of artists, artisans, designers and educators to make products from recycled materials that advance education and build social entrepreneurship models.