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civilizations bridge the New York international friends associations of bibliotheca alexandrina the new library of alexandria window of the world on egypt on window of egypt on the world our Mission statment 1) To Carry Out The Shared Goals , Philosophy and direction of the new library of alexandria The world leader in digitalization , preservation and management of uniersal heritage documentation .

2) To promot the values of democracy , peace and to support freedom of expression .

3) to encourage vibrant intellectual discussion and dialogue between civilizations for cultural exchanges .

4) to reach out for children and youth offering knowledge of more opportunities of acess to information , educatin and history .

5) to provide resources for those who are interested in special institute for peace , informations studies and specialized topics such as scince , technology and art utilizi the vast resources of the new library od alexandria .

6) To foster the appreciation of the art in the greater new york / metropolitan area by producing and presenting performances, exhibitions and educational programes to encourage the international communities to seek partnership and joint projects with Bibliotheca Alexandrina .

7 ) providing mutual support to reach the common goal of creating a better future for all .