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About Us


PDHRE is a nonprofit international organization founded in 1989., using human rights learning as a viable strategy towards societal development, governance and participation of women .men, youth an children in the decision that determine their lives. PDHRE develops learning programs that lead to critical thinking and systemic analysis, with a gender perspective, about political. Civil, economic, social and cultural concern guided by the human rights framework. These learning processes lead to planning and action for economic and social justice. Since 1989 PDHRE, has developed and facilitated training in human rights education for social transformation in more then 60 countries around the world. PDHRE, serves as a comprehensive “extension service”, to energize, and motivate communities to embark on a life long process of holistic learning about human rights as relevant to their daily struggles and concerns; and to recognize human rights as a powerful tool for action.

Programs and projects are demand driven, designed to respond to self-defined needs and requests for assistance and advice regarding formal and informal learning about human rights. International and local educators, human rights experts, and community workers collaborate to develop meaningful methodologies and strategies to make the programs and projects possible. PDHRE programs are planned by, for, and with communities to:

• Catalyze and enhance human rights mentoring and monitoring; • Promote gender equality; • Enhance local human and social development programs - guided by the human rights framework; • Take actions to overcome discrimination; • Strengthen citizens’ equal and informed participation in the decision-making, problem-solving processes; • Enable women and men to become agents of change.

The international office of PDHRE, has, in the process of institutionalizing its activities worldwide, established five regional PDHRE offices in African, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and South Asia. These are uniquely qualified to enhance the learning about human rights as a holistic value system protected by international laws, assisting communities in developing: ”A new political culture based on human rights” -Nelson Mandela.