BrightSide Alliance

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United States

About Us


Everyday. On our way to work, to school, to the store...we pass them.

Homeless people, people who need our help, we pass them.

We may smile, we may give some change, we may pretend they don't exist. Everyday. We could easily be those people you see on the street. We often live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make sure that our children have what they need.

If not for our family...We would have been homeless a few years ago when my husband was hurt and unable to work. I would have been that person that you pass on the street everyday, someone that you would judge, or think "why doesn't she get a job," someone who needs help.

Homeless people deserve respect, deserve not to be judged, and deserve our help in their time of need.

We will remind them that they are just like us and sometimes everyone needs a little help.