McLean Presbyterian Church

  • VA


1020 Balls Hill Road
United States

About Us

Our Vision

(What we want to see happen) Thy Kingdom Come…

A glimpse of heaven on earth as we see the gospel of the invisible Kingdom of Heaven, transform us, our church, our city, our culture and our world to the Glory of God. Our Mission

(How we go about making our vision a reality)

Making disciples who make a difference in Washington and the World to the glory of God.

Making Disciples

Developing fully devoted followers of Christ who glorify God, who grow in grace, who grow in groups and who grow in giving their gifts and the gospel. Who make a difference in Washington and the world…

…by loving the lost (evangelism) and the least (mercy & justice); loving and engaging life and encouraging learning (cultural renewal); and loving and equipping leaders (resourcing today’s and tomorrow’s change agents).

…through new Christians who follow new callings and live grace driven lives in the marketplace and through new churches which form new counter-cultural communities that demonstrate the gospel’s distinctly different approach to life in issues like power, sex, money, forgiveness, etc.

…to the glory of God: We don’t exist for ourselves but for the glory of God and the growth of his kingdom.