New Haven Promise

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28 Lincoln Way
New Haven
United States

About Us

New Haven Promise is a visionary scholarship and support program for the purposes of promoting college education and career readiness of all New Haven public school students; building community and parental engagement; and enhancing the growth, stability, and economic development of the City of New Haven.

Our Vision: New Haven is a community where all young people gain the education and experience required to function productively in a knowledge-based economy.

The mission of New Haven Promise is to build a culture in the public schools in which students aspire to attend and graduate from college; to provide financial incentives and support for those students; and to facilitate their return to live, work and serve in the greater New Haven community.    

By providing economic access to two- and four-year colleges and universities to young people who want to learn, New Haven Promise helps reinforce a set of core values that make cities great.

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