Drakkar Foundation

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About Us

Drakkar Foundation is a National Non-Governmental Organisation registered with the Rwanda Governance Board as a Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to contribute to the sustainable development of Rwandan communities through its three components:(1) environmental sustainability, (2) economic sustainability and (3) social sustainability. Drakkar Foundation philosophy is based on the premise that sustainable development can only be achieved if development initiatives involve their beneficiaries at the earliest stages. Early involvement of the beneficiary communities eases problems of awareness and understanding by communities and other development actors; it also facilitates community buy-in and commitment. This is why the Foundation believes that learning through both formal and informal education, and involving community members in a group discussions, internships, technical training, and micro-project management is the best way to prepare communities to take care of their own development and make it sustainable.

Drakkar Foundation is involved in development activities such as research, training, organisation of various learning events, community project sponsoring and/or management in collaboration with its partners made of CBOs as well as local and international NGOs.

Prior to its registration, this organisation operated as a corporate social responsibility program of Drakkar Ltd. Drakkar Ltd, a contributor to the Foundation, is a publishing company; it is the exclusive Rwandan representative of the world’s largest education company and largest book publisher, the UK based PEARSON. Drakkar Ltd publishes and distributes books in both the Burundian and the Rwandan markets. Its biggest client is the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Education.