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The project has now been running since over a year and consists of training, outpatient clinics and surgeries in 4 different District Hospitals as well as acting as the consultant orthopaedic surgeon for the APDK Rehabilitation Clinic in Mombasa. APDK has a well organized outreach project, whereby a team visits remote places in Coast Province on a regular basis to look for children (and adults) with disabilities. They are then referred to the Port Reitz Rehabilitation Center. Some patients, like hydrocephalus/spine bifida cases and some complex orthopaedic cases (which I can’t operate) are then referred to Kijabe Hospital and others are operated by me. In the hospitals south of Mombasa, I deal mostly with adult patients with limb fractures. After I found the SIGN organization, I can now offer patients with femur and tibia fractures a state of the art operating technique and I can deliver it at no extra cost for the patients.