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About Us

ReThink Food is a startup nonprofit based in New York City that helps appropriate and distribute food to low income individuals in New York City.


Its estimated that for every bite of food taken at fine dining restaurants in NYC two are thrown out. We aim to appropriate excess for food from not only restaurants but farmers, food delivery services, and grocers.  


Our chefs from notable restaurants such as, Noma (Copenhagen), Eleven Madison Park, and Blue hill will use the techniques taught in fine dining kitchens to create delicious, nutritious products out of the unused food in New York City.  Unlike other organizations which deliver canned and processed foods we aim to be the processer and open a location which can safely process, package, and freeze products and then deliver them to other nonprofits to help not only ease the fiscal issues behind delivering food for free, but the labor and space issues that exists with processing food in any major city. 


ReThink Foods unique approach is to incentivize food vendors to save unused food through providing tax credits. We created a very convenient method to make the problem of food saving easy. Once we receive the food we than process and pasteurize the food to eliminate food born illness. After we cool it down according to food safety regulations. We package it into nice vacuumed sealed bags and distribute to nonprofits. 


Throughout New York City there are many hungry people without access to food and since our food system has failed to create a receptacle for useable product a high percentage of food goes into the trash. We aim to fix this problem once and for all.



Every party that is associated with food from the hungry New Yorker to the politicians trying to eliminate our city’s waste are affected by this problem. We feel strongly we have a solution and would like you to be part of it.