The Outdoor School in Horsham

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About Us

Each Spring and Fall school children enjoy a residential environmental education experience at The Outdoor School in Horsham. Classes come with their teachers and spend three days and two nights participating in fun-filled activities including group challenges and a variety of outdoor lessons. Many schools are able to participate in our programs through generous support in the form of Educational Improvemement Tax Credit funding. The property’s entire 235 acres of woodlands, fields, lake, organic farm and streams are used as a classroom.

Activities are led by the classroom teachers and by Teacher Naturalists who are part of the camp staff. Each particpating group plans their unique schedule, choosing from a handbook filled with over one hundred different lessons and activities.

While at camp, children and their teachers stay in lodges which have indoor plumbing and are heated during cold weather months. Meals are eaten in the camp’s dining hall, and are served family style.

The College Settlement Camp has been located in Horsham Township, Montgomery County, since 1922. The Outdoor School in Horsham began offering residential environmental education programs on the College Settlement property in 1973. The facilities are open for school participation during the months of:

  • September, October, November (fall session)
  • March, April, May (spring session)

During each experience at The Outdoor School in Horsham, we strive to complement the school science curriculum, offering experiential-based lessons that enhance students’ abilities to understand the topics being presented. We understand the pressures put upon schools to cover curriculum materials, and work with school staff to assure that goals are met and that students value the information they receive. Also, an attempt is made to reflect our feelings about people’s relationship to, and their effect on the environment. Our ultimate goal is for students to develop an awareness of the environment that will lead to an understanding of natural balances, thereby shaping a positive environmental ethic to guide their future behaviors.

We believe a student should leave the Outdoor School a more versatile, knowledgeable child than when he or she arrived and should acquire an intensified appreciation of the environment during his or her stay.

The lessons and activities are specifically geared toward fifth and sixth grade students. Scheduling usually occurs at least one year in advance. Teachers who are interested in pursuing the possibility of attending The Outdoor School in Horsham at The College Settlement with their class should call the camp office at 215-542-7974.