Foundation for Youth Capacity Building (FYCB) Cameroon

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About Us

FYCB is a youth run organization founded in April 2009 Kindzeka Nestor the founder FYCB Cameroon designed 4 pillar programs Performing Arts and Cultural development Program (PACDP), Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program (YSEP), Multimedia Production and Distribution Program (MPDP), alongside a context driven ICT Programs known as Information Technology and Computer Engineering Program (ITCEP) to nurse and develop new IT initiatives under the auspices of this organization. After observing the fallouts of most existing IT establishments to address the problems of education using ICT, FYCB emerged with an initiative in carrying out a survey in and out of the school milieu on Students (both Low and High Income Students), Underprivileged Youths (UPY), School Drop Outs (SDO), Home Based Learners (HBL) and Working Class Students (WCS) towards the use of ICT that led to the concept of the “Cameroon E-Education and Digital Library Technology (CEEDIGIL-TECH that is capable of establishing a new market with unique products and services which can develop a Fair Trade in this industry in Cameroon. Working in collaboration with associates and co-founders of FYCB Tefu Mbole Rowland (Network Engineer) and Ndumbe Victor (IT Engineer), this project has finally laid down the only existing framework capable of addressing diverse educational needs using delivery channels that target a wide variety customers with its unique products and services at the same time.