Rescue Women - Cameroon

  • South West Region


Buea Road
South West Region
119, Bamenda

About Us

Rescue Women – Cameroon (REWOCAM) is women centered non-profit organization working to provide women and girls with opportunities to succeed and thrive as leaders, through a holistic education and socioeconomic empowerment programs. We support girls and women to be educationally upright, socioeconomically strong, and financially independent.

We offer scholarships to underprivileged girls, run Girls' Lead Clubs in rural secondary school to empower girls, offer interest-free loans to low income women, train traditional birth attendants to understand modern delivery techniques and referral systems, fight sexual harassment in public spaces, visit female inmates in prisons with basic needs and messages of hope, lobby for hospital supplies to offer rural health centers and more.

The focus of our work is in rural communities; communities that are generally locked out from mainstream NGO activities. We want to give these communities the opportunity to benefit from ongoing development taking place in towns and cities.