HiTOPS Center for Adolescent Health

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21 Wiggins Street
United States

About Us


HiTOPS is a health education and advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring every adolescent safe passage to adulthood by providing comprehensive sexuality education and promoting healthy relationships and supportive connections. 

HiTOPS implements its mission to achieve the following outcomes for adolescents and young adults ages 10-26:

Reduced rates of HIV, STIs and unplanned pregnancies.
Reduced rates of intimate partner violence (including sexual assault and dating violence).
Reduced incidences of self-harm, physical assault, harassment and bullying, with particular attention to LGBT youth.
Healthy, supportive peer/adult connections.

How HiTOPS is Unique
Founded by nurse practitioners and health educators, HiTOPS’ collective expertise is in providing medically accurate, age-appropriate, prevention and risk-reduction education to youth. HiTOPS has 27 years of experience promoting best practices in adolescent health for reducing risks and promoting positive youth development.