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About Us


As the result of the political and social events of its recent history, Cambodia’s social and ethical values of centuries were systematically destroyed, resulting in the majority of people living in poverty with very few opportunities to improve their situation.

This is particularly evident in the rural areas of Cambodia. Youths, both boys and especially girls, often suffer from the effects of lack of education, low self esteem and self confidence which can often lead to alienation from families and social networks, crime, violence and perpetuation of the poverty cycle.

The Our Objective Organization (O.O.O.) was founded in 2006, to provide low cost English language education program to poor rural youth, which is supplemented by programs focusing on motivation and self worth, self confidence and discipline. In the short term, this provides opportunities for youth to improve their own situation in life, and in the long term contribute to improving the human resource in Cambodia.

The Our Objective Organization is a Khmer run NGO, registered with the Ministry of Interior .


We want to see a prosperous community where citizens responsibly take part in managing their on development works.


We empower community members especially children and youths to achieve their own self-determination in resolving their own problems, through co-operation with local organizations.


To contribute to the ensured sustainable livelihood of community members.


  • To enable interns to become leaders through center-based education and appropriate support regarding leadership characteristic development;
  • To enable interns to become entrepreneurs through center-based education and appropriate support regarding entrepreneurship characteristic development;
  • To contribute to promotion of early child education through provision of human resource and partnership with other organizations;
  • To improve capacity of communities to adapt to climate change through partnership with other organizations.


- Partnership          - Initiative
- Integrity                 - Teamwork
- Good will              - Perseverance
- Diversification     - Relationship

- Innovativeness    - Respect