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About Us

On 2 July 2012 we've found a new children's home to accomodate about 20 children! So we need volunteers, we need to do fundraising for the food, water, electricity, rent, salaries and education.

Of course you could join us as a volunteer or if you like to support us in any other way just send an email to:

Now since 2015 we're busy working on our next dream: The Kiota Dream! We really want to offer the children more space and the staff and volunteers more privacy. We would also like to become more self-sufficient. So it's not just for the space, but also so that we will be able to simulate Kenyan family life as much as possible by building family houses for eight children each with a housemother and probably a housefather. We also want to build an office building, a separate house for the volunteers and a small house for the manager. In this way we can ensure that the children will have a better and brighter future.

This costs a lot of money. How do we want to try to get the money? Just have a look here: and if you feel you want to do something for us and all the children and their family, just get into contact with us!

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