Texas 4000 for Cancer

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About Us

Texas 4000 is dedicated to fighting cancer by sharing hope, knowledge and charity.

We cultivate the next generation to lead the fight against cancer through our cornerstone event, a more than 4,000-mile bike ride from Austin to Anchorage.

What do we hope to accomplish by riding? Our mission is to share

hope, knowledge and charity from Texas to Alaska and beyond. We share hope by letting those touched by cancer know that people like us are riding for them and are determined to eliminate the disease. We share knowledge by bringing life-saving information about cancer prevention to communities large and small. We share charity by making a commitment to support cancer research and lead the charge in overcoming cancer. We ride for those fighting cancer. We ride in memory of those lost to cancer. We ride in support of those caring for loved ones suffering with cancer. We ride to a future without cancer. We ride because we are greater than cancer!