PSA Art Awakenings

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About Us

PSA Art Awakenings is a program of PSA Behavioral Health Agency. Art Awakenings' mission is to promote empowerment and recovery through the power of creative expression with adults and youth who face behavioral health challenges. The studios provide a safe, supportive environment for adults and children to foster exploration and development of artistic skills. Participants’ distinct talents are acknowledged from the start, with each being referred to as an “artist” who learns respect for self and others, personal accountability, and pride in accomplishments while developing enhanced self-esteem and wellness management skills.

Therapeutic art groups are provided for adults and children to promote the healing power of creativity and self-expression. Participants readily admit that creating art helps reduce stress and the intensity of psychiatric symptoms. Studios, known as “the place where the magic happens”, also offer visual arts, poetry, music, movement, drama, pre-job training, socialization and education.