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About Us

Field-to-Market-to-You, a Life Lab Science Program project, is an active field trip program and curriculum that explores the world of our food system, nutrition, and informed cosumerism with elementary aged youth. Currently based in Santa Cruz, California, this free 2 day program trains University of California interns in anti-biased and equitable education so they can then help teach this local elementary students about food systems, nutrition, labor, consumerism, agricultural history, and how our consumer choices affect our bodies, the environment, and human communities. Students are encouraged to think critically, form opinions, and create effective spaces to express their opinions. Since it's creation in 2002, this program has been completely underwritten by New Leaf Community Markets, an independent natural food retailer, however we are currently looking for funding and/or collobarations to support our expansion, to the Bay Area, the greater U.S., and internationally.