Mission of Peace - Orlando

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About Us

Mission of Peace is a Faith Based HUD Approved National Housing Counseling Intermediary. Mission of Peace has been serving the Michigan Community since 1997. Mission of Peace’s goal is to increase homeownership, support community development and to boost access to affordable housing. To do this, we work nation-wide to providing programs and services designed to:

  • Expand home-ownership opportunities;
  • Increase minority and low income home-ownership;
  • Fight practices of predatory lending;
  • Teach teens, renters, potential and current homeowners about smart fiscal practices;
  • Help present homeowners save their home from foreclosure;
  • And increase safe housing opportunities for the young, elderly and disabled.

Mission of Peace assists individuals and family with the following housing needs:

  • Free Foreclosure Counseling
  • Free Loss Mitigation Counseling
  • Free Pre and Post Purchase Counseling
  • Free Budget and Credit Counseling

There are no income or credit score restrictions to receive the Free Services of Mission of Peace; we are here to assist all clients with their housing needs. Also note you do not have to be behind in your mortgage payment to receive foreclosure assistance.

Please do not hesitate, call today (866) 674-0140, to make an appointment and meet with a HUD Certificated Counselor.