Walta Mothers & Children Health Care Organization (WMCHCO).

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Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa/Ethiopia

About Us

Walta Mothers and Children Care Organization (WMCHCO) have emerged into being as an indigenous, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making developmental organization in 2009. Very relevant to this application, with the financial support of Positive Action Child Fund-UK (PACF), Walta has been undertaking community based prevention of mother to children HIV transmission intervention since September 2011. On the other hand, WMCHO is also implementing reproductive health policy literacy activities with the financial support of World Bank Country Office since March, 2011.

WMCHCO has a rich experience in implementing projects that are directly related with HIV/AIDS projects in general and PMTCT projects in particular for the last 6 years and more. During these years of community services, quite a large number of people are estimated to have benefited from WMCHCO’s interventions. Most of the beneficiaries are youths, women, disadvantaged children and PLHIV. To mention few of WMCHCO's outputs: served more than 3,000 members of community and more through consistent provision of health and health related education; constructed 2 health posts in Addis Ababa, served more than 500 women and youths through economic strengthening schemes...

WMCHO needs you’re contribution the most significant Source of HIV infection in children and infants is transmission of HIV from mother to child during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or breastfeeding. According to UNICEF; in the absence of preventive measures the risk of a baby acquiring the virus from an infected mother ranges from 15-25 percent in industrialized countries to 25-35 percent or higher in developing countries. Prevention of mother-to child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV is one of the most important intervention strategies in preventing new infections and in providing the services needed to ease the burden on HIV infected women. Effective comprehensive PMTCT services have been shown to decrease this rate to less than 2%.

In Ethiopian context, although facility based HIV responses have increased noticeably, the performance on PMTCT yet remains a major concern. This is mainly because of law level of grassroots and village level comprehensive interventions that can reach highly unreached mothers and community groups. In particular, this is true where the overall awareness about

In particular, WMCHCO is proposed a grassroots level comprehensive PMTCT project. The objective of the project is to reverse and ultimately halt vertical HIV/AIDS transmission of HIV around Addis Ababa city administration.

  1. Primary prevention to help women remain HIV-negative
  2. Preventing unintended pregnancies among HIV-infected women
  3. Preventing transmission from HIV-infected women to their children
  4. Providing care to HIV-infected mothers and their children.