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About Us

The Bioparque La Reserva Foundation is an non-profit organisation aimed at promoting biodiversity conservation, fostering sustainable use of natural resources and strengthening knowledge of animal welfare.

El Bioparque is Charitable Foundation supported by donations received from the visiting public or private donors and corporations. These donations provide food, and drugs for the animals, pay for the veterinary services, materials to build new areas, the salaries of the permanent Park staff, and much more.

What do we do?

El Bioparque La Reserva is an education and visitor center. It is a fascinating and unique place where you are immersed within the wildlife exhibits. La Reserva promotes respect for all life forms through the interpretation of the ecology of our environment and emphasises the fundamental role that each visitor can have on the conservation of wildlife and how we can reduce our impact on the world around us.

La Reserva is concerned with the sustainability and use of natural resources and since it opened in 2008, carries out activities and programmes to foster environmental education.